Build An Heirloom Rocking Horse

For Your Child or Grandchild



Appendix  Sources of Supply


W. L. Fuller Company

P.O. Box 8767
7 Cypress St.
Warwick, R.I. 02888
Fax: 401-467-2905

Letter sized brad point drill bits, etc.


Atlas Dowel & Wood Products Company

Atlas Dowel & Wood Products Co.
320 North State Street
Harrison, Ohio 45030

(800) 541-0573

Many species of high quality dowels, other small wood parts. Catalog.


Woodworker's Supply, Inc.

Woodworker's Supply, Inc.
5604 Alameda Place, NE
Albuquerque NM 87113-2100


Router bits and various hand and bench tools. Under-over sized bradpoint bits, Catalog.


Nu-Matic Grinders, Inc.

The folks below purchased Nu-Matic Grinders.

Dynabrade, Inc.
USA Customer Service
8989 Sheridan Drive
Clarence New York, USA 14031-1490


Inflatable sanding drums




P.O. Box 865021, Plano, Tx. 75086


Many sanding materials, Inflatable drums, inflatable drum sleeves. Catalog.


Woodcraft Supply Company

313 Montvale Avenue, Woburn, Ma. 01801


High quality hand tools, electric tools and hardware. Catalog.


Grizzly Imports

2406 Reach Road, Williamsport, Pa. 17701


Wide variety of mostly imported tools. Catalog




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But they [craftsmen] keep stable the fabric of the world, and their prayer is in the practice of their trade.

Sirach 38:34





The noblest trees, are those which it took the longest to produce, and which are the longest lived - as chestnuts, hickories, and oaks.

Henry David Thoreau - 1860






King Agesilaus was excessively fond of his children. Once when they were very small, he bestrode a stick, and was playing horse with them in the house, and when he was spied doing this by one of his friends, he entreated him not to tell anyone until he himself should be a father of children.

King Agesilaus

XXV, 5

Plutarch, 46-120 AD





I have a wonderful axe! It's had two heads, seven handles, and it's still going strong!

unknown woodsman





We ask for the blessing of the Inner Guardians of the Order and of our Druid forebears that this Grove might become a truly holy and sanctified place.We respect and honour and admire you, O trees, for you represent both Peace and Power - though you are mighty you hurt no creature.  Though you sustain us with your breath, you will give up your life to house and warm and teach us.  We give thanks for your blessing upon our lives and upon our lands.  May you fare well in this chosen place.   Awen.

Druid Ceremony for Planting a Grove


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