New Workshop for Toymaking

I have made hardwood toys in my basement shop since 1982 and for several years before that in an old warehouse. This basement had one small window that brought in little natural light, its ceiling was too low, its space too cramped, and in the Summer it really got too humid and in our Wisconsin Winter too cool for a careful woodworker. Yet for those years I had a short commute to work, the space was rent free and some pretty good toys came from this unlikely space.

I now have a better workshop. Its still in a basement and there is still a low ceiling, but I have more natural light, and more even temperatures and humidity. Really, the kind of space where one could do some good woodwork.

I also hope to retire some of my original tools. Not that old is bad, its just that some of them were never that good to begin with. My $250.00 Sears table saw has served well over 30 plus years. But, today its adjustments are creaky and the vibration is sometimes unsettling. My inexpensive band saw is a youngster at 20 years yet I find myself fighting to keep it in proper adjustment. Its said that a good woodworker never blames his tools, on the other hand I have never met one who doesn’t appreciate a well made and well designed tool. Unfortunately some tools are still out of reach.

I wonder if some of you might be willing to lend a hand to extend my reach. I have made thousands of toys over 41 years as a professional toymaker. And as they say if I had a nickel or a dollar for every one of those I could phone the tool man today. You could say that I did get dollars for each of those toys. True. Its just that I spent them recklessly on mortgages, groceries, tuition, health insurance and such.

So, here’s is the pitch. Would you consider sending a dollar or five or more to fund a couple of new tools? There is nothing in it for you other than the satisfaction of watching my craft improve. If you are good hearted and so inclined you can send a check, or add some extra on the order form. You can count on even more beautiful and fun toys for years yet.


Many, many thanks,   john






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