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Construction crane toy

I have made this riding crane using an evolving design on and off for 35 years. I completed a five year numbered edition of 100 in walnut and cherry in the 90's. Now its back, a bit different in Cherry, Hickory, Walnut, Red Oak and White Ash. Each crane has a unique selection. The fundamental play value and durability haven't changed. It just gets a bit nicer looking each year.

Hardwood Riding Crane $425.00

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Made for "real" work this toy crane's hook can lift 100 pounds. Easy to turn hand cranks, with durable ratchet mechanisms, allow lifting and holding a load at any level. The seat is a trap door covering a tool box. Sturdy rubber tired casters allow many generations of engineers to ride over rough construction sites. The base of the crane is 22 inches long and with the boom fully extended the whole crane measures nearly 45 inches in length.

toy construction crane


Dear John,

Just a note to express the pleasure my son has received from use of the wooden riding crane toy. He loves it so much that he is on it from morning to nite.

With the enclosed order for the trains, I am equally assured that they will also become one of his favorite toys. As far as I am concerned these toys are the best toys I have ever purchased for him.

I hope you continue to make these wonderful toys! I am very happy I am able to purchase them.

Sincerely, Carole



We ordered the block wagon the summer of 1989. We had admired it the year before but being pregnant now gave us an excuse to buy it. Our son was born Jan. 30, 1990. We received the wagon shortly after as agreed. It is beautiful! For a few months it looked great just sitting in his room. I really thought it would be a long time before he would enjoy playing with it. Well - he loves it already! He started to crawl in September and every time I put him down in his room he goes straight for the wagon. Now he pulls himself up on it an is taking steps holding the handle. He thinks its great. So do we!

We thank you for your beautiful work and he thanks you for a great toy!

Sincerely, Tim, Tama and Blair

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