Fine Hardwood Toys for Your Children's Children


Family legend claimed its handle was full of diamonds, probably false. I hope the toys I make for you will gather many stories as the years pass. Durable hardwood toys are great carriers of family stories and bring wonderful memories to mind. As a child outgrows a beautiful wooden toy it can easily become part of your home's decor until the next visitor, cousin or grandchild comes along to play. My craftsmanship and your hopes alone can't insure that your descendants will treasure a toy you give, but I have a few suggestions to improve the odds. Most importantly, make the toy special. Explain to the child how their toy was chosen and made specially for them and how its quality is uncommon today. This can prevent a toy passing out of a family. Loaned toys often disappear forever. My grandmother is gone now, but when I open her music box or look at the painting that graced her parlor my memories are vivid. Similarly, I hope my wooden toys bring your loved ones joy now and wonderful memories in the future.

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John Michael Linck - Toymaker - 2618 Van Hise Avenue - Madison, Wisconsin 53705

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