Toys at Wholesale Prices


I do not offer my toys at wholesale for several reasons. The most important is that I sell all the toys I can make at retail. I'm always behind in my work. Also, wholesale usually means large numbers of a single toy. Confronted with such an order my first impulse is to add a surcharge, for boredom, rather than the discount expected.

So, I stay small. Working alone, I'm the one to answer when you phone. You may hear a saw or sander winding down in the background as I leave my work to answer your call. I don't have voice mail, 150 locations, shrink-wrap packaging or television advertising. I do make unusually fine toys.

Thanks, John

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My woodworking experience began in my childhood basement and continued after college these past 35 years as a professional toymaker. My work is sold mostly by word of mouth, and many families have my toys. People who appreciate the increasingly rare values of permanence and quality are my small market. I want my toys to be an alternative to some of the throw-away aspects of life today.



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