Wood Riding Airplane Toy

Riding biplane toy

Made of solid Red Oak, Cherry or Walnut, this toy bi-plane will never leave the ground except in the imagination of your little one, but it will taxi on and on. Industrial strength soft tire casters stand up to sidewalk cracks as well as a father's weight and will allow a 300 pound payload. My daughter began flying at nine months, lying on the airplane and pushing it around the house as a pre-walker. Your child can visit airports in many exotic locales on their wooden airplane toy. All my toys are finished with safe, food grade, Walnut Oil.

Riding Airplane Toy Size is 28 inches long and 23 inches wide.

Black Walnut Airplane

Black Cherry Airplane

I no longer make this airplane. The last one flew out of my shop during the Summer of 2017.

Natural Red Oak Airplane (pictured above)



Dear Mr. Linck

I just wanted to write you a thank you note expressing our appreciation on mailing the toys we ordered. We received them and they are beautiful.

The airplane and the wood block wagon will be treasured items in our home for years to come. Our son, Benjamin, has already made them his favorite toys and my husband and I have spent many hours making towers with the blocks.

We hope that you will keep us on your mailing list as we are thinking of ordering the train for next Christmas.

Sincerely, Patrice

      Jeffrey at 1 year

Origin of my Riding Airplane Toy

This is the first toy I designed and made. After graduation from college I took on the task of remodeling my sister's house. This involved wiring, plumbing, carpentry, etc. Near the end I was painting the ceiling over the staircase, using a large thick board for scaffolding. At the end of the project I still had the board and my sister had just presented a new nephew. The old, paint spattered board became the first riding airplane. After planing the surface and much sanding the natural color of the Douglas Fir was beautiful. Toys soon became my career. I have given up on the soft pines and firs since then, using only hardwoods, but my sister and nephew still treasure that first airplane.

Mr. Linck,

The airplane flew in yesterday in excellent condition - we are very pleased with it.

We're sure our year old grandson will enjoy it and it will be a family keepsake for years to come.

Sincerely, The Histeds.

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